A Tuscan farmhouse nestled in Chianti hills

Hosted by Cesarina Virna C. in Castellina in Chianti

I speak Italian, English

Location:Castellina in Chianti
Duration:2 hours, 30 mins
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Virna welcomes us into her home in Castellina in Chianta, a small town that dates back to the Etruscan era, high in the Chianti hills. Virna’s typical Tuscan house sits harmoniously with the local flora and fauna. This beautiful setting, home to the famous Gallo Nero vineyards, our Cesarina dedicates her life to her two greatest passions: cooking and horses.

Cesarine offers bespoke gastronomic experiences; to taste traditional Italian food in good company and idyllic locations: historic buildings, antique villas, houses secluded by nature, terraces with breathtaking views. Cesarine’s hand-selected locations are some of the most beautiful private homes in all of Italy.

If you are passionate to explore the authentic flavours of traditional Italian cuisine and dine in elegant homes with local experts, this is the experience for you.

To Italy with Love

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Our Cesarina's specialities

Toasted bread 'bruschetta' topped with tomato, cannellini beans and onion
  • Toasted bread 'bruschetta' topped with tomato, cannellini beans and onion
  • Home-made tagliatelle with zucchini pesto
  • Chicken 'alla cacciatora' (in the 'hunter's way)
  • Sautéed seasonal vegetables
  • Bavarian cream with white, milk and dark chocolate
  • Toasted bread topped with chicken liver and spleen
  • Pumpkin, sausage and gorgonzola lasagna
  • Beef stew with artichokes
  • Broccoli pie with a Parmigiano cheese sauce
  • Chocolate and pear tart
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