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Want to immerse yourself in the colors and flavors of Italian cuisine?

We have created our very first kit just for you, so you can cook up a feast of Italian flavors, wherever you are. Our recipe book brings together real family recipes from every Italian region, a journey through the bounty of produce, cultures and traditions that make Italy such a special place. You'll learn the secrets of Italian cooking from the heart, as told by the local people who know it best. 

Every time you put on your offical Cesarine apron to cook one of our recipes, you will be recreating a beloved family recipe in your own kitchen, sharing a genuine taste of Italy with your loved ones around the dinner table. Your kit also includes an official shopping bag for you to fill with your favorite Italian ingredients every time you shop. 

We have chosen to include a rolling pin, as this is a kitchen tool that is found in kitchens all over Italy, passed down through the generations. So, you too can have your very own rolling pin to treasure for years to come. 

What's included:
- BOOK: Home cooking with Cesarine: Taste your way through Italy.

Home cooking with Cesarine: Taste your way through Italy.
Every Cesarina is a house, a family, a recipe and a local area. This book is the first major account to be written about them.
 We Cesarine –
hundreds of women and men nationwide – are the am- bassadors of Italian  cooking. We welcome to our tables people from all over the world to
share and impart our culinary knowledge –a distinctive element of our culture – with meals, courses and visits to local producers. Our aims
are to teach mindful food consumption with respect for native agroalimentary resources; to protect biodiversity and local rural economies; to raise awareness of sustainability and discourage any negative impact on the environment, avoiding waste, as befits home cooking. We often say that we are a Slow Food of households that seek to serve the whole supply chain at the table. This is why Cesarine is a Slow Food Community, the first to extend across the whole of Italy. 

Catering, too, has developed along family models and is now returning to tradition. Cesarine keep these models alive and hand them down. We
don’t feel the need for stars in our homes precisely because we believe not in the refashioning of Italian cooking but, rather, in its authenticity. We aren’t so much stars as a planet to belong to. 

We are housewives, teachers, office workers and free-lance professionals, Italians who love cooking and telling guests about their family reci- pes. We began a few years ago out of passion, setting out from Bologna, then looking for and finding Cesarine everywhere in
Italy. Our ultimate goal is to pass on the identity of Italian cooking, the best known in the world, and to create a new form of domestic
economy. And, incredibly, we are doing just that.

In this book you can read our “tagliatelling”, family and food stories that allow you to enter some of our houses and discover what’s inside. 

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To Italy with Love

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