Hi! I'm Rossana.

4.7 (76 reviews)
wilmaCesarina from 2018
My speciality: Tuscan kale croutons
I live in: Capraia e Limite
I speak: Italian, English

Good to know...

I offer vegetarian alternatives

"I live in the hills, in the village of Castra. Time still moves slowly here, and we can often hear the sound of horses' hooves clopping through the streets of our village, or the tranquil lapping of the River Arno."
Rossana welcomes us into her home, nestled in the rolling Tuscan hills not far from Florence. This is wonderful land, where man and nature have been rubbing along together since ancient times. From the Bronze Age to the Etruscans, the Romans to the Lombards, a whole range of civilizations has passed through these parts, leaving many signs of their presence. To this day we can admire the Montereggi Archaeological Park, the remains of the Castello walls, the rocca and the alleyways, Villa Bibbiani and its Parco Romantico.

It is home to a rich and fascinating history that is clear in the kitchen as well. This is a culinary tradition of peasant origins, which our Cesarina brings to the table in the form of genuine and appetizing r...

My specialities

- Porrata (leek pie)

- Tuscan kale croutons

- Pappardelle with stewed duck

- Stewed duck with cannellini beans in oil

- Homemade jam tart

- Cantucci of Prato

- Porrata (leeks pie)

- Variety of croutons

- Pappardelle pasta with duck sauce

- Duck with cannellini beans

- Marmelade tart

- Cantucci cookies from Prato

- Tuscan crostini and crostini topped with lard

- Leek tartlets

- Florentine T-bone steak

- Green beans with an oil and vinegar dressing

- Grilled vegetables

- 'Torta della nonna' (grandma's cake) 

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