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Hi! I'm Marco.

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wilmaCesarina from 2016
My speciality: Stuffed flag fish rolls with smoked provola cheese
I live in: Pozzuoli
I speak: Italian, English

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I offer vegetarian alternatives

Marco M.

Pozzuoli (NA) - Campania

Our Cesarino Marco welcomes his guests in the splendid setting of Pozzuoli, famous throughout the world for being one of the major tourist destinations in Campania. At his house you can taste the best local products, cooked with love and wisdom in pure Cesarine style.

Incantation and myth: the “tasty” deposits of the Phlegraean Fields

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What memorable spectacle one can enjoy from this balcony which lets the look rove sloping down to the sea, over there, in the Gulf of Pozzuoli? We are just in the sunny scene offered by this picturesque town of Naples, which (hard to believe!) in its interior lands hides the area of the Phlegraean Fields, that means “blazing”, called in this way for the volcanic nature of the territory. There, the lake of Hades, for its leaden and gloomy appearance, was supposed to be the entrance of Underworld: by this thought, an imaginary of curious legends was sketched out. However, returning to the bright coast, the true origins of Pozzuoli are bond since immemorial time to its maritime position, which brought it to become a port of call of the near Naples: the foundation of the town goes back to the ancient times, in the 528 b.C., made by a group of Sami exiles. The destiny of Pozzuoli was then connected with Rome, after the conquest of the Campania in the 228 b.C.: since that moment, Puteoli (Pozzuoli was mentioned in this new way) grew in importance becoming the absolute halt for the trade, to the point of being the most privileged port of Rome, too, where the Eastern cities with most intense trade placed there their bases. If the temple of Serapide and the amphitheater Claudio still evidence a flourishing ancient splendor, the palaces of the Viceroy of the Kingdom of Naples celebrate its importance in more recent years, showing a virtuous plot between architectures of so different ages. This balcony of dreams belongs to our Cesarino Marco and to his fiancé Nadia. The job of Marco is strictly connected with the identity of the territory where he lives: in fact, he works in the International trade. The maritime vocation also occupies his spare time, when he usually goes sailing in his beloved sea. Actually, the true vocation when Marco is at home is another one: you can find him in his kitchen, his favourite room, as it is warm and cozy, inviting to gather, while he is preparing some exquisite dish. Marco has always been curious of the world of cooking, since when he observed the women (and the men, too) of his family while they created alchemies and fantastic recipes, giving off sublime odours. Once he was grown, Marco felt completely at his ease as “cook by chance at home”: this is the way in which he loves being called. Our Cesarino dedicates himself with curiosity to refine always better his passion for the art of cooking. In order to obtain authentic tastes, Marco carefully chooses the products he uses: they come directly from the Phlegraean Fields, so that his “tasty deposits”, as Marco loves to call his cooking creations, are truly local. Marco is very precise about this and not casually: in fact, his thesis was about the “Rediscovery of history and culture through the Italian food and wine routes”. Immersing in the colours, in the sun and in the sea of this territory is very simple: it is just tasting the dishes of the local tradition that Marco prepared for us. As a first dish, the wonderful pasta and potatoes with provola cheese suggests, in its simplicity, ancient tastes going back to the poor cooking of Naples, enriched by the smoked taste of this typical cheese. Therefore, the moment of the second dish comes: the stuffed flag fish rolls with smoked provola cheese. The local flag fish, for its particular shape “as a tape” and for the tenderness of its meats is ideal for this recipe, in which it is made precious by the strong smoked taste given by the cheese. To accompany it, the tasty salad of fennels, capers and pine seeds comes: it is typically Mediterranean and particularly proper with the fish. In the end, we are fascinated by the skilful preparation of Marco when he presents his sweet tart with jam of seasonal fruit, fragrant and soft voluptuousness. Therefore, a true rarity: the art of the Neapolitan coffee, realized for us by Marco. This traditional method of preparation of coffee uses a particular tin coffeepot called “Neapolitan”, with a characteristic aspect: also the Cinema filmed this historical manner of making coffee in Naples, in a scene of the movie Questi Fantasmi, from the play of E. De Filippo, where Sophia Loren illustrates of to prepare a perfect coffee. Being Marco’s guests, in the charming Pozzuoli, has really been a unique experience, which made us part of the authentic soul of a so ancient and mythical land, with memorable tastes…
  • Pasta and potatoes with provola cheese
  • Stuffed flag fish rolls with smoked provola cheese
  • Salad of fennels, capers and pine seeds
  • Tart with jam of seasonal fruit
  • Neapolitan coffee