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Slow Food

Antonella G.

Arcola (SP) - Liguria

Antonella lives in Arcola, a little town near La Spezia. All around you can see hills and mountains, but the Tyrrhenian sea is close and you can still sense the smell of sea breeze. This is where the lovely landscapes of the Cinque Terre (Five Lands, a rugged portion of coast in the Italian region of Liguria) end and where our Cesarina welcomes us, ready to guide us in a voyage of discovery of the Ligurian traditions.

To Antonella cooking is all about love, a passion that she has nurtured over time also thanks to her husband’s encouragement. Her itinerary in the art of taste takes us through books, magazines, grandmother’s recipes. A dive into the traditions of a land that knows how to combine sea freshness with produce from nearby fields and mountains. A tasty and extravagant twist, typical of Ligurian cuisine all year round.
A Symphony of Ligurian cuisine

Salted codfish fritters, squid and ravioli: the delicacies of La Spezia

Antonella’s dishes are deeply influenced by nature and its rhythm and seasons: it is from her respect for the nature's way that this rich Taste Experience is born, making the most of Winter's produce. We begin with a plate of tasty agliata salted codfish fritters. Agliata is a Ligurian garlic sauce of ancient tradition. Its unmistakable taste marries perfectly with fish, giving it a strong and aromatic flavour. The starters continue with 'pan bagnato di boldrò', a type of monkfish cooked with bread and then seasoned to give it a fragrant consistency, enriched by the addition of mushrooms.

The first course consists of salted codfish ravioli, a kind of pasta which ties together the distinctive flavour of the fish with the lightness of broccoli. We continue with a tribute to Antonella’s family cooking traditions: grandmother Zelinda’s cuttlefish makes its grand entrance. They are served on a bed of fried polenta, an original and delicious combination which is sure to tickle your palate.

Last but not least, dessert. Chocolate rice pudding, a rich dessert flavoured with rhum and raisins.
•         Agliata salted codfish fritters
•         Pan bagnato di boldrò (Monkfish bread)
•         Salted codfish ravioli
•         Grandmother Zelinda’s cuttlefish
•         Seasonal vegetables
•         Chocolate rice pudding