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Slow Food

Mario Antonio S.

Bologna (Città Metropolitana di Bologna) - Emilia-Romagna

Mario Antonio hails from a small town in the province of Lecce, and now, after years of living and working in Bologna, it is safe to say that he is completely Bolognese. Our Cesarino initially gained experience in the kitchens of Reggio Emilia while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, working in renowned restaurants in Bologna. Since childhood, he has always had a real love for cooking, and unlike his brothers, he was the only one willing to wake up at dawn to knead the bread dough with his grandmother.

Perhaps, due to the valuable culinary traditions that the family has passed down over the years, his love of art has given way to that for the kitchen. At his home in the center of Bologna, Mario has set up a kitchen of medieval flavor, with stone dishes and hand-carved clay bowls. His kitchen is rich in details, such as the magnificent collection of glasses, some very old, inherited from many restaurateur friends and family.
Culinary arts, in the center of Bologna

Typical Bolognese flavors and dishes

Bologna is famous for its cuisine and Mario, a skilled Cesarino, in his house in the heart of the historical center, prepares us some of the most typical dishes. As a starter, a carpaccio of zucchini with a scattering of Parmesan cheese shavings and arugula.

The first course, Imperial Soup, originates directly from traditional Bolognese cuisine, a nutritious dish that consists of a good hot broth, flavoured using a dough made from a mixture of semolina, eggs and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. For the second course, Mario uses locally-sourced meat, which is boiled and served with traditional chutney, accompanied, according to the season, by radicchio or by boiled garden cress.

Every dish is accompanied by bread and breadsticks homemade by our Cesarino. This authentic Taste Experience is rounded off by a rice pudding with cream, lightly flavored with citrus.
  • Carpaccio of zucchini (lemon, salt, pepper, parmesan and arugula)
  • Imperial soup
  • Boiled meat with green sauce and chutney from Cremona
  • Radicchio or boiled garden cress
  • Rice cake pudding with cream
  • Homemade Bread and bread sticks