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Flavia P.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

Flavia welcomes us to the splendid Rome, eternal city with invaluable historic and artistic heritage. Our Cesarina’s home is in the heart of the historical centre, just few steps away from the gorgeous Villa Borghese park and not too far from the Baths of Diocletian. Our Cesarina’s ancestors moved from Piemonte to the capital after the birth of the Kingdom of Italy, although Flavia also has Jewish origins.

In fact, her cuisine owes its inspiration from the blend of Jewish and Roman traditions, a meeting she explains as “able to create a lucky and inseparable marriage, especially thanks to the culinary authenticity of both cultures”.
When Rome meets Jewish culture

From sugo all’amatriciana to amaretti, the capital’s one thousand recipes

Flavia’s cooking is strongly connected to her family’s half Piemontese and half Jewish origins. To fully grasp just how much our Cesarina is tied to tradition, we only have to wait for the starter. She serves grilled bread crostini with anchovies, a simple yet sublimely flavoured dish well known in the Jewish ghetto.

As first course, a great classic of Roman culture: rigatoni pasta all’amatriciana. The secret to this delicious recipe is in the dressing: the intense flavours of pork cheek and roman Pecorino cheese are combined with tomatoes and white wine, with sumptuous results. We continue our exploration of Flavia's cherished traditions with veal stew and onions, with a side dish of ham, peas and panfried chicory.

To finish, a tart of ricotta and visciole - small red sour cherries which come from the countryside of Lazio. This dessert is particularly linked to the roman Jewish tradition, and is usually served with amaretti, which are typical almond biscuits.
  • Crostini (canapés) with anchovies
  • Macaroni amatriciana style
  • Veal stew with onions
  • Peas and ham
  • Sautéed chicory
  • Ricotta (fresh sheep’s milk ricotta) tart with visciole (sour cherries)
  • Amaretti (almond biscuits)