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Giovanni C.

Firenze (FI) - Toscana

We are on the outskirts of Florence in the Porta Romana neighborhood, a historic place in which even today the streets are crowded with artisanal shops. Here, when Giovanni welcomes us, even the objects and the walls of his home seem to have ancient stories to tell.

Our Guide divides his time between two great passions: on the one hand his work, the restauration of paintings, and on the other the love for good cuisine. To the question about where his passion was born, he responds: “as in all things in life, it was born from love stories”. At his table, the Lunigiana are served, simple and tasty dishes from his land of origin, as well as traditional recipes from the city of Florence. For Giovanni, cooking represents a way to feel good with others, sharing the pleasure of good food.
Cooking: a passion born from love

A homage to typical Tuscan cuisine

Giovanni  carefully sources the ingredients for his Taste Experience in his own neighborhood. His dishes are an homage to Tuscan cuisine, whose tradition is born from “poor” cooking, in which bread plays a leading role. He thus presents us with crostini toasts as an antipasto, to be enjoyed in the winter with a rich liver paté, and in the summer with fresh tomatoes 'au gratin' with capers and Tuscan pecorino cheese.

The first course is an authentic interpretation of a traditional dish from Carrara: the 'testaroli', diamond-shaped pasta that Giovanni serves with an aromatic basil pesto. As a second course, we have roast pork Scamerita, accompanied by delicate turnip tops or pan-fried chard, depending on the season.

To round off the Taste Experience, he brings us a sweet browned pear cake with a soft heart.
  • Crostini with chicken livers (with paté or tomato)
  • Testaroli pasta with basil pesto
  • Oven roasted Scamerita
  • Turnip tops or pan-fried chard
  • Pear cake