GianPaolo V.

Molino Albergati (Provincia di Ferrara) - Emilia-Romagna

GianPaolo lives in Corporeno di Cento, a little town in between the provinces of Ferrara, Modena and Bologna.
Our Cesarino’s home is right in the middle the Po valley, surrounded by the rural landscapes typical of this area: farmhouses surrounded by stretches of coloured fields. GianPaolo lives in a recently restored nineteenth century house, full of character and history.

The great variety of ferrarese products can be traced both in the ancient farmers’ recipes, made of simple and natural flavours, as in those of the refined cooks of the Estense court. The meeting of these cuisines, one closer to the working-class and one more “noble”, born in the palaces, brings us a rich and varied food culture. “Ferrarese cuisine” - says our Cesarino - “is sensual, intellectual and capricious, because in this area the pleasures of the palate are satisfied with creativity and originality”.