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Slow Food

Marilena B.

Saonara (PD) - Veneto

Marilena has fun in the kitchen, and you can taste her passion in her cooking. Our Cesarina doesn't cook for herself, but for others, to see the look of pure satisfaction on her guests’ faces.

Marilena has lived in Sicily, Puglia and Veneto. She has maintained a deep connection with these areas, and the three souls of their cuisines can be found in her cooking: the refined cooking inspired by Sicily, the typical Mediterranean cooking linked to the Apulian tradition and, finally, the full-bodied flavours of the Venetian Plain, all of which all add to the Taste Experience's unique character. 
Pure happiness in a kitchen on the Venetian Plain

The area east of the city of Padua, including the area of Saonara, where Marilena lives, renouned for its top-quality horse meat and cold cuts. Our Cesarina serves a selection of these as an appetizer for her guests, accompanied by a typical Venetian cheese, Asiago.

To follow, we enter into the heart of Marilena’s culinary heritage: rice with pulled horse meat, a robust and hearty dish. The distinctively lean and tender meat is salted, dried and smoked before being shredded by hand. Next, the peasant-style guinea fowl dish which is a staple on the tables of Padua and Verona, which are simmered with garlic, bay leaves, sage and rosemary, adding tomato and lemon juice in as per family tradition. The guinea fowl is served with a vegetable gratin with lemon sauce.

The Taste Experience ends with frittole, a dessert typical of the Venetian carnival tradition, made from raisins and pine nuts, and filled with homemade Treviso radicchio jam and sour cream. Buon appetito!
  • Mixture of horse meat cold cuts and fresh Asiago cheese
  • Risotto with shredded horse meat
  • Peasant-style guinea fowl
  • Vegetables au gratin
  • Frittole