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Slow Food

Emanuela e Carlo D.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

Emanuela and Carlo live near Monte Sacro, the historical Roman hill, which stands alongside the Aniene river. Originally known as the garden city, the area preserves authentic Roman traditions, the same traditions which are cherished by Cesarini Emanuela and Carlo.

"To give a special touch to a simple tomato sauce, you just add a clove ..." this is just one of the many secrets that Carlo learned from his grandmother, on a Sunday many years ago; it is on this knowledge that these two Cesarini have based their culinary offerings. Our cesarini love to rediscover forgotten flavors and revive Roman holidays recipes.
The rediscovered scent of cloves

An culinary Experience dedicated to traditional Roman Sunday dishes

We begin this Taste Experience with a chilled sage-infused white wine, with the traditional appetizer of Carlo's Sunday lunches: chicken liver canapés flavored with capers, sage, lemon and vinegar. As a first course, Emanuela prepares flat egg pasta squares with grass peas, a variety of legumes now found only in the regions of Latium, Umbria and Abruzzo; The dish is finished off with tomato and a drizzle of olive oil.

The 'garofolato' follows, a typical Roman dish that takes its name from 'garofoli', the word for cloves in Roman dialect. The cloves, together with lard, marjoram and garlic, enrich the slow-cooked beef with tomato and red wine, resulting in a fragrant and aromatic sauce. The meat is accompanied by Roman style spinach, sautéed with pine nuts, raisins and strips of prosciutto.

The Taste Experience draws to a delicious close with crispy wine donuts covered with sugar, to be dipped in a glass of good red wine from Latium.
  • Sage-infused white wine
  • Chicken liver canapès with capers, sage, lemon and vinegar
  • Flat egg pasta squares with grass peas in tomato sauce
  • Garofolato (beef, cooked with tomatoes, red wine, lard, marjoram and garlic)
  • Roman style spinach with pine nuts, raisins and strips of prosciutto
  • Crispy Donuts with red wine