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Massimo M.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

Massimo lives just outside Porta Pia, a place that has made history as one of the symbols of the Unity of Italy and of Rome. In this historic corner of the Eternal city, in the Salario neighborhood, we can still find all the allure of the Capitoline tradition and feel the special atmosphere given by its characteristic restaurants and museums.

A neurologist by profession, our Cesarino devotes most of his spare time to cooking. He inherited this passion from this grandparents, who taught him the secrets of la buona tavola, “the good table” and engaged him in preparing dishes from the Roman-Jewish tradition ever since he was a child. Delicious recipes, made even more special thanks to mum Rosalba’s ingredients and typical Viterbese culture combinations.
Between Roma and Viterbo, the secrets of Lazio’s cuisine

Artichoke and ricotta, the princes of Capitoline food

Massimo welcomes us into the heart of the eternal city with a delicious roman artichoke and ricotta tart. A starter which gives us a perfect summary of the Capitoline tradition, almost an anthem to local products: the “symbol” Roman vegetable is deliciously combined with this cheese, delicate and tasty at the same time.

We continue with another great classic from Lazio’s cuisine: 'mezze maniche cacio e pepe' are brought to the table. This first course as simple as it is delicious, and consists of pasta, named “half sleeves” for their shape, served with the typical sauce of cacio cheese and pepper. The second course reveals the viterbese culture which our Cesarian has inherited from his mother’s side of the family. He served chianina meatballs, with wild fennel potatoes and lariano and saraceno wheat bread.

To finish, a dessert which brings us back to the Eternal city: tiramisù alla romana, made with local ricotta.
An original and exquisite variation, a wonderful way to round off this Taste Experience dedicated to Roman tradition.
  • Roman artichoke and ricotta tart
  • Mezze maniche pasta with cacio cheese and pepper
  • Chianina meatballs
  • Wild fennel potatoes
  • Lariano bread
  • Homemade saraceno wheat bread
  • Roman tiramisù
All recipes and dishes can also be prepared in a gluten-free version