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Slow Food

Rosalinda R.

Sannicandro di Bari (BA) - Puglia

"The local cuisine is simple and genuine, but on holidays we cook rich recipes that, traditionally for my family, represent a reason to meet with friends, relatives, and neighbors" says Cesarina Linda, who lives in a quaint village not far from Bari, a place that satisfies her desire to be in continuous contact with nature and tradition, such as the ancient art of homemade bread and pasta.

The secret of Linda's doughs is in the flour, ground fresh in her mill, from wheat that comes from an organic farm in Altamura. To make the dough easier to digest, our Cesarina uses only sourdough. Linda, passionate about basketball, a former player and now a coach to children in the region, has learned the culinary secrets of her family. Her passion for cooking is tied to a love for her roots and the tradition of her territory.

With water and flour I prepare bread, pizza and pasta

“Thanks to our atmosphere I cultivate different potherbs and vegetables, from here rise a simple and authentic cuisine, but in the festivities they become lucullian preparations that in the antiquity were occasions of meeting between friends and relatives involving also the neighbourhood, relate our “Cesarina”, Linda. She lives in a typical and little village at sixteen kilometres from the well-known Bari, where still pasture sheeps and cows whose milk is used to produce rare cheese, while the vicinity to the sea allows a rich variety of fresh fish, despite the king of Puglia, Linda guarantees, is the olive tree that together with the grapes fill, from time immemorial, the dining tables. A place that express the desire of our “Cesarina” to be in continuous contact with the nature and the traditions, as the typical town festivals among which is important the one of the olives that takes place in the square of the village, at the Castello “Normanno Svevo”. Linda was grown up under the wing of her mother and her grandmother, that used to cook everything in their house, from whom she learnt every important culinary secret as good as the interest for the basket, that nowadays teaches to the kids of the village, after having played it for twenty years. Our “Cesarina” is a passionate lover of the cooking, strictly connected with her territory and its tradition. A research towards the tradition that is well observable already in the starter, a dish composed by wholemeal sourdough friselle with tomato, rocket and extra virgin olive oil, panzerottini stuffed with onion, roasted peppers with capers, anchovies, parsley, extra virgin olive oil and tomatoes sgagliozze, composition of small tastes, prepared with ingredients produced in our Cesarina’s house, starting from the friselle, made by a compound of flours already produced from the village’s mill. The panzerotti recall the tradition and contain a tempting filling, while the sgagliozze are small pieces of fried polenta, which are popular in the “Bari Vecchia”. The peppers from the kitchen garden delight the palate with an appetizing filling in the name of the local products. The extra virgin olive oil, obtained from olives of Puglia, brings a unique taste of the finest simplicity. Following the way, here we have the cavatelli with fresh tomato, rocket and marzotica ricotta cheese, a typical “barese” dish, together with pieces of tomatoes taken by Linda’s garden. Therefore, the delicious stuffed artichokes or eggplant sandwiches according to the season: symbol of genuineness, these products lend themselves to elaborations of great taste, accompanied by the baked potatoes, kind and unfailing side dish. To finish, the typical sweets followed by house liquor (limoncello or laurel) leave us a sublime memory of the flavours of the beautiful land of Puglia where we met Linda.
  • Wholemeal sourdough friselle with tomato, rocket and extra virgin olive oil
  • Panzerottini stuffed with onion
  • Roasted peppers with capers, anchovies, parsley, extra virgin olive oil and tomatoes
  • Sgagliozze
  • Cavatelli with fresh tomato, rocket and marzotica ricotta cheese
  • Stuffed artichokes or eggplant sandwiches according to the season
  • Baked potatoes
  • Typical sweets
  • House liquor (limoncello or with laurel)