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Rosalinda R.

Sannicandro di Bari (BA) - Puglia

"The local cuisine is simple and genuine, but on holidays we cook rich recipes that, traditionally for my family, represent a reason to meet with friends, relatives, and neighbors" says Cesarina Linda, who lives in a quaint village not far from Bari, a place that satisfies her desire to be in continuous contact with nature and tradition, such as the ancient art of homemade bread and pasta.

The secret of Linda's doughs is in the flour, ground fresh in her mill, from wheat that comes from an organic farm in Altamura. To make the dough easier to digest, our Cesarina uses only sourdough. Linda, passionate about basketball, a former player and now a coach to children in the region, has learned the culinary secrets of her family. Her passion for cooking is tied to a love for her roots and the tradition of her territory.


For her Taste Experience, Linda serves her delectable homebaked goods

To begin her Taste Experience, Linda serves an appetizer of fragrant homemade crackers, prepared with soft whole-wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, natural yeast, and aromatic herbs fresh from her garden. These are accompanied by home-made sundried tomato cream, traditionally made by sun-drying the tomatoes, then seasoning them with parsley, celery, garlic, and olive oil. Then come pastry cups, made with soft whole-wheat flower, olives, and wine, and filled with a purée of broad beans and boiled chicory. The appetizer concludes with lightly fried black olives, a jardiniere of vegetables from Linda's garden, and a savory onion calzone.

For the first course, our Cesarina offers whole-grain orecchiette, a famous type of Pugliese pasta that literally translates as "little ears". These are served with turnip tops, and for the second course, an appetizing cutlet of mushrooms or borage, accompanied by a fresh garden salad.

The Taste Experience comes to a sweet close with almond biscuits, to be enjoyed with Linda's homemade liquor.

  • Homemade crackers with cream of sundried tomatoes, shortbread baskets with broad beans and chicory, black olives, jardiniere of garden vegetables, onion calzone
  • Whole-grain orecchiette with turnip greens
  • Cutlet of mushrooms or borage with side dish of salad from my garden
  • Almond biscuits + house liquor