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Slow Food

Andrea I.

Bra (CN) - Piemonte

Andrea discovers his love for cooking during a period abroad, in Australia. It was only there, a thousand miles far from his home, that our Cesarino perceived the call of the traditional Piedmontese culinary art.

Andrea so started experimenting, increasing this new love to the sound of recipes. Once he came back to Italy, in province of Cuneo, he enrolls in professional cooking classes. In this way has born an excursus into the history of his land, that continues day by day. A proper dive into the discover of his roots, that is shared with his guests.
The tastes of Piedmont

Rural tradition at the table

There's nothing better than a salami board to start off a Taste Experience. Andrea serves up a selection of cold-cuts, including the most famous sausage from Bra, 'fiore all'occhiello', a delicious piemontese delicacy made with a mix of pork and beef. The whole thing is accompanied by a variety of typical local cheeses, which are paired with home-made grape and fig jams and chestnut honey. This rich and varied starter brings together different flavour notes and Piedmontese products. 

The Taste Experience continues with a simple but delicious first course: gnocchi with ragù sauce. Next, roast veal prepared according to local tradition. The meat is 'tonnata', meaning that it is covered in a fish and caper sauce which subtly infuses the meat with intense flavour. As a side dish, roast peppers with 'bagna cauda', a butter-based dish with olive oil, garlic and salty anchovies - an emblematic Piedmontese dish. This is all accompanied with a side dish of homemade breadsticks from Andrea's wood-fired stove. 

To round off this celebration of Piedmontese tradition, our Cesarino serves a hazelnut cake with a chocolate and strawberry sauce.

  • Salami and cheese selection with grape and fig jams and chestnut honey
  • Potato gnocchi
  • Roast veal
  • Roast peppers with 'bagna cauda' 
  • Peach and plum syrup
  • Hazelnut cake with chocolate sauce
  • Homemade bread and breadsticks