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Slow Food

Marica B.

Bologna (BO) - Emilia Romagna

Bologna is the city of gastronomic culture par excellence: fresh pasta, mortadella and a passion for wine. Despite her origins in Rome and a youth spent in Sardinia, Marica’s cuisine is pervaded by the aromas of the Emilian tradition.

Marica has lived in Bologna for over twenty years, and living in this world-famous gastronomic centre inspired her to learn its typical recipes. Our Cesarina, as well as being a 'true Italian', forged by a pastiche of assorted places, as she defines herself. She is now a blogger who successfully and passionately dedicates herself to passing on her experience in the field of traditional cuisine. 
Artusian flavors under the porticos of Bologna

Marica’s attention turns to the selection of raw materials and the products of the Bologna area.

Keeping the teachings of Pelligrino Artusi (the first Italian cookery book author) close to her heart, Marica’s carefully selects typical, locally sourced products from Bologna's rich culinary heritage.

This Taste Experience begins with Parmigiano Reggiano Sformatini, little pies, a mouthwatering antipasto. It's up to the guest to decide how 'aged' they would like their Parmigiano cheese, as it greatly alters the intensity of the flavour. 

As a first course, our Cesarina serves gramigna pasta with sausage: gramigna is a short, curly pasta shape with a hollow middle, typical of Emilia Romagna. It requires a sauce with a strong, rich flavor.

A great classic of Italian second courses comes next: Spezzatino con i piselli, veal stew with peas. Marica then tempts us with her parmigiano pie with savoury zabaione cream.

We finish the Taste Experience on a sweet note, with a typical Bolognese dessert of ancient tradition: la pinza bolognese, a strudel made with sweet pastry dough and filled with a quince and citrus-based sweet mustard.
  • Parmigiano Reggiano 'sformatini' pies
  • Gramigna pasta with a sausage sauce
  • Spezzatino veal with peas
  • Pinza Bolognese with a sweet mustard