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Slow Food

Giovanna B.

Pistoia () - Toscana

Giovanna lives in Pistoia, a small town rich in history, bordered by the Apennine mountain range. Our Cesarina puts her beautiful villa at the disposal of her guests, to guide them in the discovery of the Tuscan gastronomic tradition. In her cooking, we indeed find the characteristic elements of these lands: the bread, the wild game, the fruits of the earth.

Giovanna particularly tries to capture and restore the culinary characteristics of Pistoia, above all following the teachings of her father and grandmother, true enthusiasts of cuisine.

Tradition at the Foot of the Apennines

Pistoia cuisine: simple, yet rich in flavor

Giovanna welcomes us with a tray of "spleen and jardiniere crostini," otherwise known as "crostini neri," here in Pistoia. This is an ancient recipe that our Cesarina offers at the opening of her Experience of Taste. These canapes, prepared with lightly toasted traditional Tuscan bread, are spread with a sauce of veal spleen, chicken livers, and capers. The result is an appetizer with a strong and indulgent flavor, the ideal start for a journey through the flavors of the local cuisine.

For the first course, our Cesarina serves pappardelle with hare stew, a dish evoking the flavors of the Apennine. The pappardelle, strips of egg pasta similar to the more well-known tagliatelle, are stuffed with traditional mountain game, with a rich and delicious result.

What has so far been a triumph of flavor is all but outdone by the second course. Giovanna serves Florentine tripe, never to be missed on Tuscan tables: offal fried gently with carrots, onions, and celery. The side dish is another Tuscan classic: beans "all'uccelletto," a plate of legumes simmered at low heat and served with a tomato-based sauce.

The dessert, finally, Giovanna's pride and joy. To bring the Taste Experience to a close, our Cesarina serves crispy cookies "del confortino," moistened with a touch of Vin Santo to enrich the flavor.
• Crostini with spleen and house jardiniere
• Pappardelle with hare
• Florentine tripe (with tomato)
• Beans all'uccelletto
• Cookies "del confortino" with Vin Santo