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Raffaella G.

Modena (MO) - Emilia Romagna

Raffaella's house is located near the center of Modena, where the historic Via Giardini begins, that since 1781 connects Modena and Lucca, crossing the Apennines.

The environment in which Raffaella receives guests is an art nouveau house in which our Cesarina has carefully and lovingly preserved family objects and furnishings. With similar feelings, Raffaella, who beyond the passion for cooking also cultivates the one for foreing languages, English and German in particular, welcomes friends and guests, pampering them with the aromas and flavors of her dishes.

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The flavours of my cherished memories in Modena

An experience full of traditional flavors, made with organic ingredients

Raffella proposes an experience full of traditional flavors, all made with natural organic ingredients produced in Modena, that our Cesarina has selected through years of careful research. Her care in the selection of raw materials helps her cooking to evoke the authentic flavors of her local area.

We start with a fresh, spectacular starter, the vegetable aspic. Then, for the first course, a homemade tortellini pie. For the main course, meatballs prepared according to Grandma Bruna's secret recipe, accompanied by a delicate spinach flan. We end the meal sweetly with an elegant lemon cake, served with seasonal fruit drizzled in balsamic vinegar or zabaglione cream.
  • Vegetable Aspic
  • Tortellini pie
  • Grandma Bruna's "crispy" meatballs with bechamel sauce
  • Spinach flan
  • Lemon tart
  • Pears or strawberries with zabaglione cream or balsamic vinegar