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Roberta F.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

Roberta welcomes us into her Milanese apartment, well furnished and surrounded by greenery. From the windows one can admire the steeples of the Duomo and the skyline of this Lombard capital.

Since she stopped traveling the world as a photographer, our Cesarina devotes much of her spare time to Lombard gastronomy. She is on a journey to discover the traditional dishes of the metropolis in an act of love for her city. "At home, we have always had tasty cuisine, but with special attention to the choice of ingredients; I love going to buy directly from the farmers." A way of "offering the best quality."

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Flavors in the shadow of the Madonnina

A journey through the dishes of Milanese cuisine

If you really want to appreciate Milanese cuisine, you can't miss its staple ingredient - cheese. Roberta is keen to show off cheese in all its forms, and serves up a cream cheese for her starter, in the form of a seasonal vegetable pie. Next, a Milanese classic, lasagne with spinach and ham. This simple marriage of flavours is absolutely irresistible, and is presented beautifully. 

Next, a fricandò of veal. This is a favourite for Sunday lunches in Milan, and is accompanied by a crispy potato gratin. 

To finish, a dessert that Roberta is so proud of that she named it after herself! A delicious chocolate cake with hazlenuts and soft whipped cream.

  • Vegetable pie prepared with artichokes or seasonal vegetables and served with cheese cream
  • Spinach lasagna with ham
  • Veal fricandò with gratin baked potatoes
  • Roberta's chocolate cake with hazelnuts and whipped cream