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Slow Food

Rosanna V.

Salerno (SA) - Campania

The cuisine of Salerno, especially the one of Cilento, proposes abundant plates that add value to the taste and the flavors of the territory, such as olive oil, vegetables, cheeses, meat and seafood. The traditional local cuisine well combine attentive research of healthy and genuine food with love for conviviality, for pleasant moments sitting at the table, happily with friends and relatives.

Rosanna, our Cesarina, becomes an interpreter of this traditional cuisine, and serves inherited dishes from the tradition of Campania and from her ritual family customs.
From 'scialatielli' to 'pasticciotto', the flavors of Salerno

Rosanna invites us to try typical dishes of the Salerno tradition

Rosanna welcomes us into her home in Salerno to enjoy some truly traditional dishes. We begin with a starter of locally sourced fried fish. This is a rich and authentic dish, made all the more so by Rosanna's carefully selected ingredients from close to home.

For the main course, another homage to Campania's inimitable seafood: it's time to enjoy delicioous 'scialatielli', a fresh pasta typical of the Amalfi coast, with an irresistible seafood sauce. Next, our Cesarina serves stuffed squid and calamari, accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables.

For dessert, an enchanting 'pasticciotto' pastry, filled with creamy custard and black cherries, a tribute to Campania's ancient pastry-making tradition.
  • Fried fish from Salerno
  • Scialatelli pasta with seafood sauce
  • Filled squids and calamari
  • Fresh easonal vegetables
  • 'Pasticciotto' with custard and black cherries