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Elisabetta P.

Ciampino (RM) - Lazio

Elisabetta becomes the interpreter of authentic dishes tied to the tradition of the cuisine of the Roman people.

Our Cesarina welcomes us on a splendid terrace overlooking the Castelli Romani, the hills south of Rome: when the hills are tinted pink at sunset, we can taste the aromas and flavors of simple dishes prepared as they were once upon a time, when the Romans took the “tranvetto”, the trolley car from Rome, for their excursions to the thirteen towns known as the Castelli Romani (the Roman Castles) which rise up over the sinuous Alban Hills.
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A flight of flavours

Elisabetta brings the flavours of the simple dishes of Roman cuisine to the table.

Elisabetta brings the flavors of the simple dishes of Roman cuisine to the table: as an antipasto, she presents fragrant mini rosette rolls in 'panzanella', which is a salad of arugula, scallions, cherry tomatoes and basil. We continue with homemade ravioli filled with tasty Roman ricotta and aromatic herbs including basil, mint, parsley, sage and tarragon, with a sauce made of fresh tomatoes, garlic, oil and red peppers.

As a second course, we are offered a dish which is a great classic of the local cuisine: 'fritto misto', mixed fried foods which in the Roman variation includes seasonal vegetables such as artichokes, zucchini, potatoes and eggplant, as well as meats, including lamb chops, beef scallops.

We finish this Taste Experience on a sweet note with a delicious heavy cream ice cream semifreddo.

  • Mini rosette in panzanella (arugula, scallions, cherry tomatoes and basil)
  • Homemade ravioli filled with aromatic herbs (basil, mint, parsley, sage and tarragon) and Roman ricotta, seasoned with a fresh tomato, garlic, oil and red pepper sauce
  • Fritto misto alla romana: lamb chop, beef scallops, seasonal vegetables (artichokes, zucchini, potatoes and eggplant)
  • Semifreddo with whipped cream