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Dusica S.

Firenze (FI) - Toscana

Dusica welcomes us in the centre of Florence, just few steps away from the gorgeous cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and from the most important monuments of the city’s renaissance. Our Cesarina isn’t Florentine by birth, but “by customs”. She has been living in the Tuscan capital for several years now, slowly falling in love with it and learning its customs and culture.

Above all, Dusica loves its cuisine and has decided to interpret the dishes of the regional tradition as a passion.
A tradition made of simple and tasty recipes which delve their roots into the history of this splendid territory.

In Italy to interpret true Tuscan cuisine

Dusica delights us with some of the most famous typical Tuscan dishes.

Dusica delights us with some of the most famous typical Tuscan dishes. To start, the Cesarina presents an antipasto of coccoli, bread dough fritters, accompanied by stracchino and Tuscan prosciutto.

The first dish of the culinary experience Dusica gives us are naked gnocchi with field herbs, with the delicate flavor of a typical Tuscan dish, named that way because there is no dough covering the filling, which is usually based on ricotta and spinach.

Next follows the second course, chicken fricassee, accompanied by a peperonata, stewed peppers from the Arno Valley, and Florentine style peas. At the end, a dessert encore: pears with Chianti and sweet salami to conclude this taste Experience in full Tuscan style.
  • Coccoli with stracchino and Tuscan prosciutto
  • Naked gnocchi with field herbs
  • Chicken fricassee
  • Arno Valley Peperonata
  • Florentine style peas
  • Pears with Chianti 
  • Sweet salami