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Slow Food

Ilaria R.

Firenze (FI) - Toscana

Where the Arno gently flows, guests of the medieval dwelling

Local olive oil, unsalted bread, legumes, fresh and cured meats, pecorino and ricotta cheese (for the filling of the “ravioli” together with the spinach). Salted Norwegian cod for the baked “baccalà” and vegetables. The sweets are linked to the religious festivities, but the “Zuccotto” dessert reminds of  the Brunelleschi's dome or it is also said to have been invented by Caterina De' Medici.
  • Liver pate - Fettunta (homemade bread with fresh oil, cannellini beans cooked in the fiasco manner)
  • Stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach ravioli seasoned with butter and sage
  • Baked cod
  • Potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, seasonal herbs in sour
  • Zuccotto, Cantucci biscuits and Vin Santo
  • Rosolio liquor