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Slow Food

Tiziana S.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

Strolling from St. Peter’s to Castel Sant’Angelo, it is possible to enjoy one of the most typical and succulent dinners of the Roman culinary tradition, paying special attention to the quality of the ingredients. It is here that we meet our Cesarina Tiziana, who opens the doors to her beautiful home to let us discover the typical dishes of the local cuisine and a fanciful tradition composed of simple, authentic recipes.

A dinner together between Castel Sant’Angelo and St. Peter’s

A taste Experience in the name of the traditional Roman cuisine

This is a Taste Experience in the name of traditional Roman cuisine. To begin, Tiziana brings a classic antipasto to the table: bruschetta with tomato, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Next, we have the first course, which is an irresistible classic of Roman cuisine: pasta alla gricia; pasta alla gricia is a traditional local recipe known as the precursor to amatriciana sauce because, given the absence of tomatoes, it represents a 'poorer' version that was more accessible for peasants in the past.

As a second course, we enjoy roman meatballs with sauce accompanied by pan-fried chicory.

To close on a sweet note, our Cesarina will bring a tasty chocolate cake to the table.

  • Bruschetta with tomato and bruschetta with garlic and oil
  • Spaghetti alla gricia
  • Roman meatballs in sauce
  • Pan-fried chicory
  • Chocolate cake