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Slow Food

Renata C.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

Two culinary traditions, geographically close but with vastly different characteristics and specialties, meet at the table of Renata, our Cesarina, for the joy of her guests.

The Roman and Neapolitan cuisines are married together for this Taste Experience, celebrating a union of tastes, flavors and fragrances, the imagination and creativity that characterize Italian cuisine. We see here that Renata’s dishes encapsulate the flavors of Vesuvius and the Roman Countryside, building an imaginary bridge of flavors between the two cities.
A meeting of two ancient traditions: Naples and Rome

Renata's Taste Experience showcases the flavors of two marvellous traditions.

Renata's Taste Experience includes the flavors of two marvellous traditions: that of Neapolitan cuisine and that of Roman cuisine. We start with an antipasto which is rich in flavors: arancini di riso, rice balls, accompanied by appetizing stuffed spirals of flaky pastry.

We continue with a delicious eggplant casserole and fragrant meat roulades with sage. As a side dish, Renata brings a seasonal vegetable gratin to the table.

For a sweet conclusion, our Cesarina presents a chocolate and almond cake prepared according to a recipe which has been passed down in her family, with a cream gelato enriched with amaretti.
  • Rice Arancini and stuffed spirals of flaky pastry
  • Eggplant casserole
  • Meat roulades with sage
  • Seasonal vegetable gratin
  • Grandmother’s chocolate and almond cake
  • Cream gelato with amaretti