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Slow Food

Giulia Anna S.

Roma (Città Metropolitana di Roma) - Lazio

In beautiful San Saba, one of the most picturesque areas of Rome surrounded by places rich in history and tradition, we meet Julia, our Cesarina who will interpret the most typical dishes of Roman cuisine for our enjoyment.

Giulia prepares dishes from long ago, trying to combine new cuisine and the recipes that she has always passionately cooked for her family.

A "Roman" table

Typical Roman dishes and precious family recipes

Giulia Anna leads through a voyage of discovery through typical Roman cuisine, taking inspiration from her precious family recipes. Her wonderful Taste Experience starts with a rich appetizer; little fried pizzas with tomatoes, eggs in tripe and potato omelette.

For the first course: home-made fettuccine with chicken giblet sauce. Then, our Cesarina serves up a dish originating from the folk tradition: Lamb Coratella made with offal and onion, accompanied by seasonal vegetables. For a sweet finish, chocolate shortbread biscuits and crispy wine donuts, traditional flavours that take us a step back in time.
  • Little fried pizzas with tomatoes, eggs in tripe and potato omelette
  • Fettuccine with chicken giblet sauce
  • Lamb Coratella with onion
  • Seasonal Vegetables
  • Chocolate Shortbread and Crispy Wine Donuts