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Slow Food

Patrizia P.

Paderno Dugnano (MI) - Lombardia

Patrizia welcomes us in her home in Paderno Dugnano, a municipality at the doors of Brianza, a zone included between the province in the North of Milan and the Lecco-Como Lake.

The gastronomy in Brianza has a sober nature, it proposes dishes and preparations that come from a mixture of simple ingredients, from traditional farming customs. A cuisine made of sturdy, nourishing and cheap dishes, which Patrizia preserves passing down some of the most characteristic recipes.
I dreamt of a dinner at the gates of Brianza

Dishes and typical products of the Lombard tradition

Our Cesarina proposes some of the most typical dishes and products in the Lombard tradition. Her Taste Experience begins with a homemade zola cheese plait, with delicate Gorgonzola cheese. Next, delicious Nervetti alla Milanese, which were sold in taverns in the oldern days to satisfy hungry travellers. 

The appetizer finishes off with a rich board of cold-cuts, with typical Italian salami from Brianza. As a main course, a well-known classic of the Lombard cuisine: saffron and luganega rice, Monza's typical sausage, with a Parmesan cheese wafer.  As a second course, rabbit with pickled onions and currants, served in a refined terrine.

Last, a rustic cake, a typical dessert in Brianza, that has its origins in the farming tradition and has many variations. It is also known as bread cake or, in the local dialect, “michelacc”, that is “mica” and “lacc” which translates as "bread and milk".
  • Homemade delicate zola cheese plait, Nervetti alla milanese, Brianza salami
  • Saffron and luganega rice in a Parmesan cheese wafer
  • Terrin of rabbit meat with bittersweet onions and currant
  • Rustic cake