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Slow Food

Simonetta D.

Napoli (NA) - Campania

Neapolitan cuisine has ancient roots and has been influenced over the centuries by the various cultures that followed one another and dominated the city, particularly during the French and the Spanish rules.

Simonetta offers us dishes that bring the historical vicissitudes of the Neapolitan city to the table. Our Cesarina welcomes us into her beautiful home, and invites us to savor recipes of land and sea created with the flavors of excellent-quality local products.

From Puglia to Campania to learn the noble kitchen of 700

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Naples is one of the main cultural centers of reference in Europe, its historic center has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Situated in the center of the gulf between the Vesuvius, one of the world's biosphere reserves and the Phlegraean Fields. Naples either love it or hate it! Its cuisine is affected by the historical and cultural events of the city and dominations, French first Spanish after, which is why I propose.
  • The Monacone of Capri or Gateau potato crust
  • Baked Ziti ragout of King Ferdinand
  • Fricandò the work of Francis Monzù in home Pavoncelli (dumplings stuffed with meat ground with browned butter and marsala wine)
  • Broccoli or fried chillies with hanging cherry tomatoes
  • Basket of sweets: Coviglie hazelnut, coffee, chocolate - pastiera - baba
  • Accompanying sandwiches Neapolitan