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Slow Food

Zaira Z.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

"When I was little, I would use my hands to help prepare the legumes and homemade pasta, and now, as an adult I help people as a doctor with them." Despite having a demanding professional life, Zaira does not abandon her passion for cooking, a true family tradition. Her grandmother, proud of her Roman origins, and the wife of a Latin professor who translated ancient Imperial recipes, used to escape the her repetitive cooking routine by preparing a variety of dishes. Now Zaira does the same in her own corner of paradise, a villa built in the 30s with an alluring garden and citrus grove.

Our Cesarina's home is located in the Città Giardino, a historic district of Rome, not far from the Aniene River. In the dining room and garden we find dinner tables set with antique wares that retain all their splendor and whisper secrets from the past. The perfect place to dive into the culinary history of the city through Zaira's marvellous cooking.
At the table in the ancient Rome

Discovering the flavors of an ancient culture

The Culinary Experience offered by Zaira is a true voyage through the past To start things off is a tasty dish that is widespread in Rome: farro focaccia with anchovies. An evidently unusual combination, but one all the happier for it. Farro, a cereal of vital importance in the diet of the ancient Romans, pairs well with the strong flavor of the fish, to a decidedly delectable result. To bring the appetizer to a close are the broad beans, served in the form of an aromatic cream made in the tradition of Apicius, a famous gastronome of the first century CE.

Even in the first course, we find the flavors of ancient Rome. Brought to the table next is a cold bowl of farro and legumes, a dish to accompany the fish cake with fresh or raisined grapes. The taste of the sea meets the sweetness of the fruit, for a light but decisive result.

The Experience ends with a sweetness worthy of the Imperial Forums, as Zaira  serves delicately fragrant sweet rice fritters: fried balls of rice that unite a crispy skin with a soft filling, further ehanced with flavors like lemon zest or rum.
  • Focaccia of spelt with anchovies
  • Aromatic cream of broad beans in Apicio’s way
  • Fish and raisins (or grapes) pie
  • Vegetable flan
  • Ricotta cheese pie