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Slow Food

Elisabetta C.

Barbaresco (CN) - Piemonte

Elisabetta welcomes us in the heart of the Piedmont Langhe, a land rich with history and distinctive flavors. To get an idea of this, all you need to do is look out from the terrace of the house she welcomes us into. The dining room opens onto the magnificent hills of the area, covered entirely by rows of vineyards, where some remarkable wines are born: the Barolo, Nebbiolo, and obviously the Barbaresco, the namesake of Elisabetta's village.

Though this concentration of prized names makes the Langhe an important destination for enogastronomic tourism, it is attractive for its characteristic cheese and white truffle as well. Elisabetta is here to guide us through these flavors and take us on a journey into the culinary tradition of Piedmont.

The Taste of the Langhe

Dive into the Piedmont folk tradition: enjoy fine traditional meats and seasonal vegetables

To open her journey into the Langhe's traditional cuisine, our Cesarina serves a Fassone veal tartare. The raw meat is so tender, and is scattered with shavings of parmesan and black truffle. Next we have a delicious pie of seasonal vegetables with fondue - you can clearly see the French influence on these Piedmontese specialties.

For the second course, Elisabetta brings to the table the traditional 'gran fritto misto', a dish rooted in folk culture that combines a variety of meats for a rich and sumptuous result. To accompany this dish, Elisabetta selects a fresh seasonal salad to evoke memories of rural festival days,. 

The Taste Experience concludes on a sweet note: the chocolate 'bùnett', a dessert typical of the Langhe that unites the flavour of cocoa with caramel tones, with a splash of rum that gives a kick of warmth. This delight is served by our Cesarina alongside a scoop of vanilla gelato... a perfect combination.
• Fassone veal tartare with salt, olive oil, pepper, and shavings of parmesan or black truffle
• Seasonal vegetable pie with fondue
• Traditional gran fritto misto
• Seasonal salad
• Chocolate Bùnett, amaretti, scoop of vanilla gelato