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Slow Food

Morena M.

Como (CO) - Lombardia

Morena gives us a taste Experience dedicated to the flavors of the Como cuisine and some typical Larian dishes; the "Larian Triangle" is the area between the two branches of Lake Como and the southern hills between Como and Lecco.

In this area, compared to many traditional foods of Northern Italy, the local cuisine is very diverse: in addition to rice, corn and potatoes, there is extensive use of coarse grains, buckwheat and chestnuts; as far as meat, white meat or venison is preferred and freshwater fish is also often used.

This cuisine is characteristically original, particularly for the choice of condiments: the favorites are butter and lard, staples in the Po area tradition, contrasted with the abundant use of locally produced olive oil, as well as linseed, walnut and rapeseed vegetable oils.

A date with Como's cuisine

Let's discover typical dishes of the Como cuisine with Cesarina Morena

Let's discover typical dishes of Como's cuisine together with Cesarina Morena, starting with the appetizers; the 'Fitascetta' is a classic local recipe, a cake made from a mixture of wheat and onions, with cheese if desired. Morena serves this with Casera (a goats cheese) along with salami, and bresaola with lard and jam.

After this rich appetizer, its time for the first course: Larian-style gnocchi made of flour blended with water or milk. Braised meat will follow, browned and served with a gravy made from a herb bouquet and wine, accompanied by mixed polenta (wheat and buckwheat) flavored with sage; the polenta, according to a local saying, "is made with fire, flour and elbow grease", emphasizing the hard work involved in stirring the wooden "canela" in the polenta pot heated over an open fire.

This gastronomic Experience will end with 'Cutizza', a popular focaccia bread with several variations: the "Brusada", the "Paradell", and the "Panigada". Our Cesarina will serve the "Paradell" focaccia, which is filled with apples, raisins and pine nuts, and is accompanied by Genepy, the typical local after-dinner liqueur.
  • Fitascetta with Casera cheese, goat cheese, salami, seasoned bresaola, lard with jam
  • Lariana-style Gnocchi
  • Braised meat with mixed grain polenta (wheat and buckwheat) flavored with sage
  • The Paradell or Cutizza with apples and raisins
  • After-dinner Genepy liqueur from our valleys