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Slow Food

Patrizia D.

Lido di Venezia (VE) - Veneto

Patrizia’s Venice is one to be discovered. Aside from her apartment right in the centre of la Serenissima, in fact, our Cesarina also owns an apartment on Venice’s Lido. Its poetry may be different from the typical imagery of the city of canals, however it is equally fascinating.

Giudecca and San Marco are in the background, together with the many little islands which decorate the Laguna’s landscape. Here, just few steps away from open sea, we find the real maritime soul of these lands.

The same that was able to create, over centuries, a culinary heritage of delicious typical dishes, often enriched with flavours from faraway lands.
Inside the Laguna’s timeless poetry

The breathtaking spectacle of Venice’s Lido, tasting the Adriatic’s flavours

Patrizia guides us in the discovery of the Laguna’s flavours. The flavours are intense and unforgettable, as we can see from the starters. Our Cesarina relies on a great classic of the Venetian tradition: sardines in saor, which means served with caramellised 'sweet and sour' onions. A meeting of refined flavors, ideal for beginning this culinary Experience in the best of ways.

These flavour notes accompany us in the first course too since 'bigoli' in sauce are brought to the table, in a typical recipe which combines bigoli a pasta similar to thick spaghetti, served with a simple but intensely flavoured sauce of anchovies and onions. As a second dish, Patrizia offers us sea bream 'alla malamocchina' with cherry tomatoes. The fish is stuffed with carrots, basil, garlic and a squeeze of lemon. And to further enrich this already refined dish, Patrizia also serves us 'drunk potatoes' cooked in white wine, the perfect side dish for fish dishes.

Last but not least, another great classic of Venetian cuisine. For dessert, our Cesarina serves us 'baicoli al vino bianco', a biscuit which dates back to the period of the maritime republic of la Serenissima.
  • Sardines in 'saor'
  • Bigoli in anchovy sauce
  • Sea bream 'alla malamocchina' with cherry tomatoes
  • 'Drunk' potatoes 
  • White wine baicoli biscuits