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Slow Food

Virna C.

Castellina in Chianti (SI) - Toscana

Virna welcomes us into her home in Castellina in Chianta, a small town that dates back to the Etruscan era, high in the Chianti hills. Virna’s typical Tuscan house sits harmoniously with the local flora and fauna. This beautiful setting, home to the famous Gallo Nero vineyards, our Cesarina dedicates her life to her two greatest passions: cooking and horses.

Virna loves spending her free time making fruit conserves, preserving vegetables in olive oil, plum tomato confit, caramellised figs and brandied cherries, as well as any other delicious treats from her partner’s garden.

Layers of flavour in the Chianti hills

‘Crostini neri’, Parmesan sauce, pear tart… Traditional Tuscan dishes for you to enjoy

We start this Taste Experience in the Chianti hills with a delicious starter of ‘crostini neri’, toasted bread topped with a chicken liver and spleen paté. Next, Virna serves a sumptuous twist on the classic lasagne, prepared with squash, sausage, and a rich gorgonzola sauce.

For the second course, VIrna opts for a beef and artichoke stew. She uses a cut of beef known as the ‘sorra’ that is wonderfully tender and full of flavour. The stew is accompanied by a side of delicate broccoli pies drizzled with Parmesan sauce, for a gourmet finish.

To round off the Taste Experience, we have an irresistibly moist pear and chocolate cake, dusted with cocoa powder.
  • Toasted bread topped with chicken liver and spleen
  • Pumpkin, sausage and gorgonzola lasagna
  • Beef stew with artichokes
  • Broccoli pie with a Parmigiano cheese sauce
  • Chocolate and pear tart