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Slow Food

Rosa P.

Sorrento (NA) - Campania

Rosa gives us a warm welcome in Sorrento, in her traditional Mediterranian-style home, furnished with a perfect meeting of antique and modern. Sorrento has a rich treasure trove of culinary delights such as pasta di Gragnano and Provolone del Monaco DOP cheese. It is also home to the world-famous Sorrento lemon, thanks to its ideal terrain and weather, and is therefore a powerhouse of limoncello production. The city boasts an enchanting view over the gulf which stretches from the nearby islands of Capri and Ischia to the silhouette of Vesuvius.

After several years of being a member of the Slow Food organisation, she became its secretary, which is a demanding role requiring a great deal of diligence and passion. Her passion for her work comes hand in hand with her passion for cooking: Rosa has always loved learning kitchen secrets, which all started under the expert guidance of her grandmother. She studied at the University of Gastonomic Science in Pollenzo, where she took two courses.

Enjoy the culinary delights of Sorrento

‘O pèr e ‘o muss' and other specialities from Campania

We begin this Taste Experience with a typical antipasto, ‘o pèr e ‘o muss’, which translates as ‘trotters and snout’. These flavoursome cuts are served with a squeeze of fresh lemon from Sorrento. Next we have another local classic, pasta with “dente di morto” beans from nearby Acerra.

For the first course, Rosa serves linguine pasta ‘di Gragnano’, served in a delicious seafood sauce of vongole clams and lupin beans. We then have a stockfish for the second course, flavoured with Gaeta olives, capers from Pantelleria and Piennolo del Vesuvio tomatoes, which have a characteristically long oval shape. On the side, we have a salad “di rinforzo”, which is traditionally prepared at Christmas time, with neapolitan ‘papacelle’, red peppers typical of the region, and a selection of mixed green vegetables.

Finally, we have a melt-in-the-mouth shortcrust pastry ‘pasticciotto’ filled with a pine nut and apple cream.

  • “Per e musso” with Sorrentino lemon (pig trotters and snouts)
  • Bread and beans
  • Mezzo paccaro di Gragnano (pasta) with catch of the day and cherry tomatoes
  • Stockfish with cherry tomatoes, Gaeta olives and capers
  • Rinforzo salad with papaccella
  • Shortcrust pastries with Annurca apples and pine nuts