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Maria Carla

Maria Carla P.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

Maria Carla greets us in the breathtaking countryside of Lazio, near the gates of Rome. Her beautiful villa may be far from the chaos of the city centre, but just looking around this area you can still see reminders of the colourful history of Rome; something that our Cesarina knows very well, since her great passion (aside from cooking, of course) is Roman History.

“My dinners give you a real ‘guided tour’ experience”, says Maria Carla, “I always try to accompany the meal with explanations and anecdotes about the eating habits of the Ancient Romans, especially the most well-known ones”. Dining at Maria Carla’s plunges you head first into the Eternal City’s culture, and you’ll appreciate both the flavours and the story behind them.
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Flavours of Ancient Rome

A traditional banquet in the Eternal City

Maria Carla takes us on a journey through the culinary traditions of Ancient Rome. This Taste Experience opens with a “gustatio” an egg and olive starter typical in roman banquets, with ‘libum con salsa Moretum’ (a white flour bread accompanied by a pecorino and rue sauce) as well as little pots of chickpeas and leeks. All of this is, of course, accompanied by a fine wine.

Next is the “prima mensa”, delicious roast lamb cooked according to a recipe traditional in Apicio, cooked in a fish sauce. As an accompaniment, our Cesarina prepares Siligeneus, a home-made white bread cooked in a wood-fired oven.

Lastly, dessert - or rather, “seconda menda” as Maria Carla likes to say. This is a Cassata Oplontis straight from ancient Pompeii, a cake made from ricotta, honey and fuit. It’s simply delicious, and brings our ancient Taste Experience to the perfect end.
  • Eggs with olives (a classic starter in ancient Roman banquets)
  • Libum con salsa Moretum (Catone's bread with ricotta plus sauce containing pecorino and ruta)
  • Chickpea and leek pots
  • Wine: Mulsum (wine simmered with honey)
Prima mensa:
  • Haedina sive agnina (Roast lamb from Apicio's recipe)
  • Siligeneus bread (home-made white bread cooked in a wood-fired stove)
  • Side salad
  • Wine: Falerno del Massico D.O.P.
Secunda mensa: 
  • Cassata di Oplonti
  • Wine: Vino Moscato d'Asti DOCG