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Anna M.

Napoli (NA) - Campania

Anna’s house rises up on the sloping hillside of Vomero, one of the most beautiful and luxurious areas of Naples. This is where our Cesarina welcomes her guests and takes them on a voyage of discovery through the secrets of typical Neapolitan cuisine.

“It became my passion little by little, over the course of many years,” she recalls, “I believe that food is one of the best tools we have to taste and deeply understand the culture of a place.” This is particularly true of Naples; this huge city boasts a rich and varied heritage of traditional recipes, which goes far beyond pizza and pasta.
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Naples welcomes you with open arms

Fresh produce and ingredients from Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples

For this Taste Experience, Anna offers us a well and truly authentic journey through the typical products and flavours of Naples. She starts us off with an inviting endive pizza, whose ingredients are also in the first course – a warming bean and endive soup (or, alternatively a potato tart made with the well-known provola from Agerola)

For the second course, Anna serves up wonderful neapolitan ‘polpette’, or meatballs, in a rich pine nut and raisin sauce. The side dish is friarelli, which is a delicious leafy vegetable typical to the region, and a gratin of peppers.

Dessert is a homage to the famous traditional patisserie of Naples, a classic Pastiera – shortcrust pastry filled with ricotta and candied fruits, or alternatively a torta Caprese (a rich chocolate and almond or walnut cake). The cherry on the cake, however, is the caffè sospeso, which, according to tradition in Naples, is a coffee paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity.
  • Endive pizza
  • Potato "Gattò" (potato ‘gateau’) or bean and endive soup
  • Neapolitan meatballs in a pine nut and raisin sauce
  • Friarielli (leafy vegetable typical to the region)
  • Gratin of peppers
  • Neapolitan patisserie or Caprese chocolate cake
  • Hot "sospeso" coffee