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Antonella D.

Bari (BA) - Puglia

Bari is a beautiful and lively city, full of monuments and culture. From the Basilica di San Nicola promenade, to its many museums and Norman castle, there’s a long list of reasons to visit the Pugliese capital… And let’s not forget the hearty and delicious delights of its local cuisine.

Antonella welcomes us into her apartment, which is just a stone’s throw away from the splendid ‘2 Giugno’ gardens, the city’s finest green space. Her house is just a few minutes away from Bari's historic centre and is easily reached by bus. Our Cesarina loves opening comfortable and luminous home to friends and guests to share her Barese cooking. “Cooking is my way of taking care of myself and others,” she explains, “sharing experiences with others is the best way to meet and get to know people.”

Oil, garlic, chili peppers and fried olives

A journey through the classics of Barese cuisine

Our journey of discovery through Barese cuisine couldn’t get off to a better start. Fried olives in garlic, olive and chili are brought to the table; staples of Mediterranian cuisine are brought together for a deliciously inviting result.

For the first course, Antonella serves orecchiette pasta with ‘cima di rapa’, which tender and slightly bitter turnip leaves, which are a staple of Pugliese cuisine. This is followed by a succulent ‘Zampina’, a typical sausage from the area that is skewered in a spiral shape before being char-grilled. As a side dish, traditional Acquaviva-style red onion which are renouned for their sweet taste, and a dish of roast potatoes.

To finish off, a fresh and delicate dessert of almond pastries.
  • Olives fried in oil, garlic and chili pepper
  • Orecchiette pasta with turnip greens
  • Zampina sausage with Acquaviva onions
  • Roast potatoes
  • Almond pastries