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Slow Food

Maria Laura e Amanda P.

Roma (RM ) - Lazio

Maria Laura and Amanda come from families where the kitchen is the heart of the home. Through their parents and grandparents, they learned not only to appreciate what the food they eat, but how it is prepared, the selection of ingredients, flavour combinations, and the care that goes into making traditional recipes…

This pair of Cesarine welcomes us into their home in the heart of Rome, in an ancient building looking over MAXXI, Rome’s main modern art museum. It is a short distance away from Ponte Milvio and the calm waters of the river Tiber. Their home is welcoming, a perfect reflection of the Cesarine’s personalities.
Tasting the Eternal City

From caprese to tiramisù, a menu to enjoy from start to finish

To welcome us to the Eternal City, Maria Laura and Amanda bring a Summery caprese salad to the table. It’s amazing how a simple recipe of mozzarella and tomato can have such an intensely fresh taste.

Next is another classic of Lazio’s cuisine; parmigiana – a gratin of fried eggplant, with delicious tomato passata, garlic and cheese. Their second course is a delicate plate of chicken escalopes with lemon, black olives and basil, accompanied by a mixed salad topped with sunflower seeds and green apple. 

And last, dessert. Maria Laura and Amanda serve a sophisticated tiramisù made with peaches, a perfect twist to round off this traditional Roman Taste Experience.
• Summer Caprese salad
• Eggplant parmigiana
• Chicken escalope with lemon, black olives and basil
• Mixed Roman salad with green apple and sunflower seeds
• Peach Tiramisù