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Hi! I'm Giancarlo.

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My speciality: Tortelloni with butter and sage or ragù sauce
I live in: Bologna
I speak: English, Italian

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I offer vegetarian alternatives

Giancarlo S.

Bologna (BO) - Emilia-Romagna

Imagine Bologna in the late 1500s, with its jostling skyline of towers, elegant porticos and splendid renaissance buildings. Here, in Giancarlo’s apartment, it feels like you’re taking a step into the past. Our Cesarino lives right in the town centre, in a stunning 1500s building with original floors and ceilings that date back hundreds of years, filled with vintage furniture. 

Here, in this unique setting, Giancarlo is here to guide you through the traditions of ancient Bolognese cuisine. As a passionate traveller and wine expert, he has been nurturing a passion for his local cuisine for a long time, which “turns humble food into a true art form”. 

Step back in time to 16th Century Bologna

Mortadella, tortelloni and guinea fowl: the culinary delights of Bologna

The setting is as unique as it is fascinating: a 1500s palace, with its original roof and flooring, furnished with antique furniture. The menu, which takes us on a journey through one of the world’s most ancient and rich culinary traditions, makes the experience all the more appetising. We begin with an antipasto of crostini, toasted breads topped with mousse di mortadella, a refined take on Bologna’s most iconic ham. 

Next, we have a much-loved classic of local cuisine, tortelloni. Giancarlo serves either a lighter option, where the pasta parcels are served in sage butter, or he can serve them in the traditional style, with a rich ragù sauce. 

For the second course, he opts for a delicious roast guinea fowl with lemon and shards of hazelnut, a delicate pairing that works perfectly with the side dish of chicory. 

To finish, we have a delightful dessert; a cherry and crème pâtissière tart. 

  • Crostini (toasted breads) with mortadella mousse 
  • Tortelloni with butter and sage or ragù sauce
  • Guinea fowl with lemon and chopped hazelnuts
  • Baby chicory salad
  • Cherry tart with crème patissière