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Roberta A.

Firenze (FI) - Toscana

In the eternal city of Florence, everything is wonderful - food included. There are so many traditional dishes, for example 'black crostini alla ribollita', which have become world-famous, which is what makes Tuscan cuisine so rich and delicious.

If you want to taste the real traditional cuisine of this city, it would be best to rely on someone who has known it her whole life, like our Cesarina Roberta. Mother of two lovely boys, cooking is her passion. She attended various cooking courses and she knows perfectly the great classics of the Florentine cuisine.

Crostini and ribollita: The Tuscan Table

Enjoy Florentine delights in the Cradle of the Renaissance

To begin this Tuscan taste experience, Roberta opts for legumes, and serves a cream of chickpeas and cannellini beans, accompanied by crostini (toasted breads) with salsiccia senese and little bruschette with “olio novo”. 

Next, we have an iconic Tuscan dish, the ‘ribollita’, which is a historical countryside soup made with bread and vegetables. It literally translates as ‘reboiled’, as traditionally it would be prepared in a huge pot to feed a family over several days and would thus be reheated every time. For the second course, we have rabbit ‘in porchetta’, accompanied by potatoes ‘in ghiotta’, which are cooked in the flavoursome roasting juices of the meat. There’s also a fresh salad of fennel, orange, and pink pepper. 

For dessert, Roberta serves up a delicious crème caramel.
  • Creamed cannellini beans and chickpeas
  • Toasted bread 'crostini' with cinta sinese salami
  • Miniature bruschette with 'novo' olive oil
  • Ribollita soup
  • Roast rabbit
  • Roast potatoes with rosemary, sage and garlic
  • Fennel salad and oranges with pink pepper
  • Crème caramel