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Slow Food

Nicoletta B.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

Nicoletta welcomes us into her elegant home near the Duomo di Milano. Originally from Mantova, this Cesarina learned to cook at the age of nine, enthusiastically helping her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. She still has fond memories of perfecting the classic pasta ‘tortelli di zucca’ for the first time. Her cooking has a strong Mantovan influence, with strong and simple flavours.

An untiringly passionate cook, Nicoletta has managed to transform her passion for cooking into a sucessful career, which allows her to make the most out of her creativity every day.

Warming Milanese flavours

From ossobuco to torta Meneghina, creative cooking by the Duomo of Milan

To begin our Taste Experience, we have a delicious starter of pastry tartlets filled with creamy crescenza cheese, walnuts and lamb’s lettuce.

Next, an inviting lasagne made with courgette, saffron and béchamel sauce, which is a strikingly colourful dish. For the second course, we have ossobuchi alla milanese, with a creamy potato purée. Ossobuco is a favoured cut of beef, and is served in ‘gremolada’, a traditional sauce garlic, parsley and lemon zest.

Finally, we have a classic Meneghina cake, made with sliced apple and hazelnut flour, accompanied by warm zabaione cream.

  • Shortcrust tartlets with crescenza cheese, nuts and lamb's lettuce
  • Miniature lasagne with zucchini and saffron
  • 'Ossibuchi in gremolada', veal shanks with a parsley, garlic and lemon peel condiment
  • Potato purée
  • 'Meneghina' apple cake with warm zabaione cream