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Slow Food

Michela R.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

“My family and relatives all work in restaurants - we all do!” If you want to talk about cooking, Michela is certainly born into it, and she’s been a passionate chef for her entire life. 

She’s originally from Campania, but has been living in Rome for many years. She lives in a spacious and welcoming apartment in the quiet, leafy suburbs of the city, not too far from the historic centre and the Vatican museum. Her menu is full of Rome’s culinary delights, as well as some typical dishes from her own region in the South of Italy.
The meeting of two traditions: Rome and Campania

Roman ricotta, carbonara, salt cod and chicory: typical dishes full of stories

  • Roman ricotta cheese with honey and nuts
  • Pennette rigate pasta in Carbonara sauce
  • Salted cod with peppers
  • Chicory, twice fried or in a vinegar sauce
  • Chocolate and ricotta 'crostata' tart