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Nadia M.

Anguillara Sabazia (RM) - Lazio

Anguillara Sabazia is an enchanting town near Lake Bracciano, about half an hour from Rome. Nadia is originally from the busy city of Rome, but she loves taking in the views of Lake Braccino from her viewpoint, which looks out over its calm waters.

Nadia has always been a passionate cook, and is more than happy to admit that her life more or less revolves around the kitchen! Now she’s here to welcome guests into her splendid villa, which is surrounded by a gorgeous garden complete with a little lake. She can’t wait to show off the fabulous secrets of her local cuisine. 
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The flavours of Lake Bracciano

Enjoy culinary delights such as 'lombricucci all'amatricana'

This classic menu shows off the best of Lazio’s cuisine. For the antipasto, we have some delicious puff pastry baskets filled with a mortadella, pistacchio, gorgonzola, celery and walnut mousse. 

After this flavoursome starter, it’s time to enjoy the first course. Nadia serves ‘lombriucci all’ammatriciana’ a pasta typical to the region served with the famous amatriciana sauce, rich with tomato and pork ‘guanciale’. 

For the second course, we have roast pork loin with pink grapes, served together with a side dish of sprouting broccoli from Anguillara. 

Finally, for dessert Nadia serves a chocolate fondant flavoured delicately with local honey and bitter orange. Delicious! 

  • Shortcrust pastry baskets filled with savoury mousse (mortadella ham, pistachios, gorgonzola cheese, celery and nuts)
  • Lombriucci pasta (made with local flour) with Amatriciana sauce
  • Pork loin 'arista' with pink grapes
  • Sautéed sprouting broccoli (from Anguillara)
  • Chocolate fondant (made with local honey as a substitute for sugar) flavoured with bitter orange