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Margherita D.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

Margherita welcomes us into her home near the centre of Rome, where she lives with her family and children. She grew up in Trastevere in the heart of the capital, and now lives in a calmer residential area closer to the sea and Fiumicino airport. Her recipes reveal a rich history full of interesting personal anecdotes, most of which were learned from her mother and aunt, who continue to impart their wisdom to this day.

Margherita is constantly shaping and growing her love for Mediterranian cuisine, always on the lookout for new techniques and recipes, keeping the values passed down to her in the family alive.
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A treasure trove of Roman cuisine, a stone’s throw from the city

Following in Giaquinto’s footsteps with stufatino and spinaci

We begin this journey through the flavours of Rome with a starter of piping-hot Roman panzerotti, fried dough parcels filled with ham, gruyère cheese, egg and pepper. We then enjoy delicious supplì, fried balls of rice filled with broccoli florets, sausage, courgette flower, mozzarella and anchovy.

For the first course, Margherita serves up ritagoni pasta in a carbonara sauce, made in the classic style with chopped guanciale, egg, Pecorino cheese and a crack of black pepper, which combine together into an unctuous and irresistible sauce. Next, a Roman-style beef stew; the meat is slow-cooked in a tomato and onion soup with a splash of wine. On the side, spinach sautéed in butter with pine nuts, raisins, and diced cured ham. This was Giaquinto’s preferred method.

For dessert, Margherita serves a soft and inviting crostata tart with a filling of ricotta and black cherries, a harmonious combination that is the perfect way to round off the meal.
  • Roman-style Panzarotti
  • Supplì filled with broccoli, sausage, courgette, mozzarella and anchovy
  • Rigatoni pasta alla carbonara with guanciale di Amatrice
  • Roman-style beef stew
  • Giaquinto's spinach
  • Ricotta and black cherry tart