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Slow Food

Claudia M.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

Claudia takes us on a journey of discovery through the many sides of Roman cuisine, from the Jewish influence to the countryside traditions that have shaped the city’s flavours and typical dishes. Despite having a busy career as an accountant, Claudia has always made an effort to dedicate her spare time to honing her cooking skills, and writes a fantastic cooking blog to share her ideas with the world. 

Her home is in the green and leafy suburbs of Rome, but within easy reach of the historical centre. She is lucky enough to have a large terrace, which is perfect for hosting guests when the weather is nice surrounded by mediterranean plants and a stunning view.
My wines
  • Bellone - Kius - Marco Carpineti
  • Biancolella di Ponza
  • Albiola
  • Cesanese di Olevano
  • Montiano
  • Moscato di Terracina
A warm welcome to the Eternal City

From bucatini to mostaccioli, enjoy Rome's finest traditional food

Our Taste Experience begins with a classic Roman starter, an anchovy and romanesco broccoli pie, which brings together the city’s celebrated produce.

For the first course, Claudia opts for another classic of her regional cuisine: bucatini basta ‘alla vitorchianese’. This pasta is similar to spaghetti but with a hollow middle, and holds the sausage and tomato sauce beautifully, which is enriched by fennel seeds and pecorino cheese. Next, we have an inviting dish of roast veal, stuffed with seasonal vegetables. The side dish is a symbol of Jewish-Roman cuisine, salted endives with fennel seeds and tomato. This is all accompanied by a lovely red wine from the local area, which adds a layer of intensity to the Taste Experience. 

To finish, we have ‘mostaccioli’, which are candied fruit and honey biscuits glazed with chocolate, accompanied by a sumptuous crème pâtissière.

  • Anchovy and romanesco broccoli pie 
  • Bucatini alla vitorchianese (tomato adn sausage sauce with fennel seeds and pecorino cheese)
  • Roast veal with spinach (or other seasonal vegetable)
  • Endives with tomato and fennel seeds
  • Mostaccioli (chocolate-glazed biscuits) with crème pâtissière