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Slow Food

Paola T.

Bologna (BO) - Emilia-Romagna

Want to enjoy the finest flavours of one of the world’s most iconic cuisines, right at the city gates? You can! Paola lives at Porta San Felice, near Bologna’s original city walls. 

In this gorgeous and tranquil location, our Cesarina takes us on a journey through the flavours of Bologna’s local traditions, from mortadella to ragù alla bolognese.

The history of Mortadella

Tagliatelle al ragu', friggione, torta tenerina... A treasure-trove of Bolognese cuisine

You just can’t visit Bologna without trying mortadella, so Paola has decided to serve it as an antipasto, as a traditional mousse accompanied by crescente, a classic flatbread typical to the region. 

Keeping with the theme of local classics, Paola serves tagliatelle al ragù for the first course, a simple but hearty dish that is loved the world over. Next, we have escalopes with lemon and, on the side, some delicious roast potatoes.

To finish, Paola serves a chocolate-lover’s dream dessert - ladies and gentleman, may I present… the Tenerina cake!
  • Mortadella mousse with crescente
  • Tagliatelle al ragù
  • Escalopes with lemon
  • Roast potatoes 
  • Tenerina chocolate cake