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Alessandro V.

Roma (Roma) - Lazio

Cesarino Alessandro welcomes us into the heart of Garbatella, a bustling neighbourhood near Rome’s historic centre. His apartment is close to Ostiense station and the famous Caracalla baths, a beautiful and imposing reminder of the imperial age.

Alessandro has been a passionate cook for his whole life, and will be guiding us through the traditions of the Eternal City. You can enjoy the delights of Rome’s cuisine at his table, from artichokes ‘alla romana’ to ricotta and cherry tart, and of course the unmissable bucatini all’amatriciana.
Just round the corner from the Baths of Caracalla

Courgette flowers, pasta 'cacio e pepe', and Roman-style artichokes: the capital's classic cuisine

What could be a better way to start this Roman Taste Experience? Alessandro serves up a local delicacy, fried courgette flowers, for an exquisite appetiser. 

For the first course, we delve into Rome's culinary heritage with Rome's iconic dish, 'cacio e pepe', pasta served in a smooth cheese and pepper sauce. Alessandro adds asparagus and peas to the dish to add a touch of freshness for the summer months. This pasta is an absolute classic in Rome and is not to be missed if you're on the hunt for classic dishes loved by locals and visitors alike. 

For the second course, another unmissable classic, Saltimbocca alla Romana served with artichokes prepared in the Roman style. 

We finish on a sweet note with a 'crostata', made according to Alessandro's family recipe, and filled with his lovely homemade jam.

Courgette flowers
Pasta 'cacio e pepe' with asparagus and peas
Saltimbocca alla romana
Roman-style artichokes
'Crostata' tart filled with Alessandro's homemade jam