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Slow Food

Fabrizia T.

Bologna (BO) - Emilia Romagna

Just a few minutes away from Bologna’s historic centre, round the corner from the famous park Giardini Margherita, Fabrizia welcomes us into one of the city’s most beautiful and prestigious neighbourhoods.

Fabrizia is originally from Mantova, and her love of cooking was passed down to her through her grandparents. “I grew up with them, my grandma was a fantastic cook, and by grandpa was a baker. He had a lovely vegetable garden, and he taught me to appreciate the scent of freshly picked fruit and vegetables.”

Our Cesarina moved to Bologna with another cooking ‘maestro’, her husband, who taught her all the recipes of the bolognese family tradition: tortelloni, lasagne, friggione, cotoletta, tortellini, and so much more.

For several years, Fabrizia has been honing her skills in the art of sourdough, which she loves using for both desserts and savoury dishes. “My table is a space for friends, I love cooking for people. Whoever comes to my house will be met with a warm welcome and wonderful food”. Fabrizia sources her ingredients from the finest local producers, for humble, traditional dinners full of unforgettable flavours.

A Journey through Bologna’s Finest Flavours

The classic dishes of Bologna, with a touch of “mantovanità”

Fabrizia’s Taste Experience is a real journey of discovery through the typical produce of Bologna and Mantova. At Fabrizia’s table, the two traditions melt together to form a truly unique menu!

We begin with an antipasto specially chosen to represent both sides of our Cesarina’s identity: a delicious ‘crostone’ (toasted bread) topped with ragù sauce, accompanied by ‘caciotta’ cheese from the Bolognese hills, spread with a delicate jam homemade in Mantova.

For the first course, Fabrizia serves ‘maltagliati’ pasta with a hearty bean sauce, a nod to the Emilian tradition that will delight any palate.

Next, she serves a simple and flavoursome second course, the famous “uccelletti scappati” (it literally translates as “tiny runaway birds”) which are in fact deliciously tender meat skewers. They are accompanied by smooth potato purée, the perfect accompaniment.

Last but not least, Fabrizia serves Tenerina, a smooth chocolate cake, with freshly whipped cream… An unbeatable way to finish this Taste Experience!

  • Crostone (toasted bread), caciotta cheese from the bolognese hills with homemade jam from Mantova
  • 'Maltagliati' pasta and beans 
  • 'Ucellini scappati' (meat skewers)
  • Potato purée
  • Tenerina cake with cream whipped by hand