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Slow Food

Maurizio C.

Pistoia (PT) - Toscana

Our Cesarino has inherited his passion for cooking from his grandmother, who passed on to him her recipes of the typical dishes of the Tuscany. Beginning as a simple hobby, his interest in cooking has increased over time: Maurizio thus decided to take specialist cooking classes, like those for bread and pastry making, or those for vegetarian cuisine. In conclusion, this Cesarino brings to the table typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition which are made both with passion and mastery.

Maurizio welcomes us in pretty Pistoia. This is a city which, although often forgotten by many tourist itineraries, is a real gem; charming and historically and gastronomically rich. Not to mention its strategic position halfway between Lucca and Florence!

A Tuscan Menu from A to Z

From Affettati to Zuppa

The menu our Cesarino offers is like diving into the typical flavors of Tuscany.

To begin, Maurizio serves a board of local cold-cuts, accompanied by beef crostini, a dish which is essential in any Tuscan culinary repertoire.

This appetizer tickles our palate and gets us ready to greet a tasty soup made with Tuscan kale and legumes, accompanied by some traditional toasted bread; it’s a delicious encounter between various authentic Tuscan flavors! Next up is a dish which is as simple as it is yummy: roast chicken under a brick, a dish which is made by cooking the meat on a barbecue and placing a heated weight on top (traditionally a brick) in order to cook both sides well. Once cooked through, the chicken is seasoned with a spiced sauce and served on the table with a refreshing side dish consisting of seasonal vegetables.

And to end the meal, the dessert! Maurizio concludes this intense flavor experience with berlingozzo, a tasty ring-shaped cake which is traditionally served on Shrove Tuesday... it’s so delicious!

  • Board of local cold-cuts with beef crostini
  • Soup with Tuscan kale and legume
  • Roast chicken 'under a brick'
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Berlingozzo