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Slow Food

Tiziana P.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

Tiziana is a literature teacher and mother of three adolescent boys, and, in her spare time, she loves to enjoy herself in the kitchen by experimenting with traditional dishes. The passion for cooking, in fact, has accompanied our Cesarina since childhood, when she spent her afternoons with her grandmother, a unique opportunity to discover and learn the first secrets of the Italian kitchen.

Tiziana is of Sicilian origins, but Roman by adoption, a blend that is clearly visible even at her table. Her profession, by definition, makes her curious; a curiosity that is also present in the kitchen, as Tiziana loves to go back to the origins of each dish that she serves.

Our Cesarina welcomes us at the gates of Rome, in a quiet area in the southern part of the capital. In summertime, you can enjoy eating in her cozy and comfortable garden, the table full of the colors of her Sicilian ceramic ware. What more can one say? If you are planning a trip to the Italian capital, Tiziana’s is the place to savor traditional Roman cuisine! 

A taste of Rome at the city gates

Carbonara, artichokes and so much more: discover Rome's authentic flavours

  • Crostini with anchovies
  • 'Mezze maniche alla carbonara'
  • 'Saltimbocca alla romana'
  • Artichokes 'alla romana' (or salad with fennel and oranges)
  • 'Bocconotti' with ricotta