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Slow Food

Roberta A.

Firenze (FI) - Toscana

Roberta is a lawyer, a mother, and - of course - a Cesarina! She is originally from Bologna, but is an honorary Florentine as she has lived there for over twenty years with her husband, thus becoming part of his florentine family. Her mother-in-law was a wonderful cook, taught her the secrets of the city’s cuisine, passing down her family recipes to Roberta. 

Our Cesarina welcomes you into her spacious and welcoming apartment in the heart of Florence, just a few minutes’ walk from the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella and the banks of the river Arno. Her home is full of beautiful details and a mix of antique and modern furniture. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the city’s world-famous cuisine.

A journey through our family's most treasured flavours

Have you heard of Timballo de' Medici? You can enjoy it in Florence's historical centre!

At Roberta’s table, you can truly immerse yourself in the typical flavours of Tuscany. This Taste Experience begins with a classic and appetising starter known as “lampredotto”: crostini topped with beef stomach, spleen and liver, with one of the region’s staple vegetables, cavolo nero. 

For the first course, Roberta serves delicious passatelli (long, thin dumplings made with flour and breadcrumbs) in ’sugo finto’, a vegetable sauce which harks back to Tuscany’s humble countryside cuisine. It’s an absolutely exquisite dish that you can’t miss!

Next, Roberta cooks a dish that was popular during the Renaissance in Florence: Timballo dè Medici, also known as “pasticcio alla fiorentina”. It’s a feast of flavours, a baked dish made with maccherioni, meat, béchamel sauce, egg and spices, covered with layers of rolled-out pasta. On the side, we have a fresh citrus salad. 

To round off, our Cesarina serves a delightful crème caramel with amatetti, the perfect way to finish this Taste Experience!
Crostini with spleen, lampredotto, liver, cavolo nero
Passatelli in 'sugo finto' 
Timballo de' Medici 
Citrus salad
Crème caramel all'amaretto